Winter Weather/School Closing Information

Winter in Wisconsin Means


Yes, it's coming....cold weather, wind, sleet, ice and snow......

But let's not forget forget the recess fun!

Be prepared by dressing to enjoy the weather with hats, gloves, boots, scarves, snow pants and a coat warm enough to keep out the chills.

If you need help with cold weather gear, your child's teacher or Miss Paula may be able to help.




School Closing Information                                                                        

The following information provides procedures on school closing during bad weather. 

The decision to operate or close school is based on weather conditions and local road reports.  Closing information will be broadcast over the following radio and television stations.  Listen between the hours of 6:00 and 7:00 a.m.

                              WEKZ-AM          1260
                          WEKZ-FM           93.7
                          Triple-M-FM      105.5 
                          WIBA-AM          1310
                          WIBA-FM          101.5
                          WOLX-FM          94.9  

Television Channels 3, 15, and 27.  Messages appear on screen between 6:00 – 8:30 a.m.

Parent emails will be sent.  If you would like to get emails, send your request to

Check the Monticello website.

 When school has to be closed during the school day, it will be broadcast over WEKZ AM-1260, FM-93.7 Monroe, as soon as the decision is made.  Whenever possible, students will be served lunch with buses leaving right afterward.  In the event of a 2 hour delay, morning 4-Year Old Kindergarten classes and Early Childhood would be cancelled.  If the decision is made to release school after lunch, afternoon classes would not be held for 4-Year Old Kindergarten. 

Parents are reminded to have a plan in place so your children know what they are to do if school is dismissed early. We also need emergency contacts updated if they have changed.  Please refrain from calling the school to obtain school closing information; instead we ask that you listen to local broadcasts whenever the weather is questionable



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  • Phone: 608-938-4194
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